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TEATRUM BOTANICUM 2019 at PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Turin

a festival dedicated to emerging artists and curators whose inquiry is in the interstitial space between artistic and ecological practices and reflections at the core of contemporary art.

Among apocalyptic, integrated and confident critics, contemporary art has generated a plurality of readings in the attempt to overcome the nature\culture dichotomy, trying to understand a contemporaneity in which time is punctuated as much by the speed of the Internet and tech companies as by the deadlines imposed by climate change.

C-CASCATE ALPHABETICHE a series of lectures, storytellings and alphabetical waterfalls shaded from the Sun, curated by Francesco Cavaliere and Ruggero Pietromarchi. In the park of Villa Arconati the teams of Terraforma and Meakusma conceived a futuristic and sustainable semispherical structure. A kind of tortoise shell with ladybug wings inside which contemporary authors and artists will present their work focusing on words and language.



tetti di Palazzo Lo jucco, Taranto.
Il suono come strumento per indagare fenomeni naturali, culturali, spirituali. 
L’ ascolto come pratica di avvicinamento ad un luogo, un non-luogo, un altro essere vivente. Il rapporto uomo-macchina, i meccanismi di registrazione/conservazione del suono e la memoria biologica. L’intuizione, la scienza ed il fantastico.

Voci dall’aldilà, maschere demoniache, grotte marine, popoli virtuali, clacson, marce funebri, membrane cellulari e pipistrelli.


Little Fun Nomadic School_OHT at Short Theatre 2020, Rome.

The caravan becomes a platform resonating OHT’s research on theatre and set-designing in relation to natural and urban spaces. A discourse that does not ignore the place where it occurs; a Caravan designed as a flexible framework where different spaces can be plugged in. As suggested by architect Cedric Price, Little Fun Palace has its ultimate goal in the possibility of change at the behest of its users and content. Consequently, the nomadic school will re-think the shape of the Caravan every time a public programme will be hosted.

Universo Assisi 2017, Monte Subasio. ArcHertz - Assisi is a group formed by 10 artists, and they use the Mortar as a musical instrument performing in a unique concert, inside the crater. The concert is an avant-garde experiment, and fruit of the effort of rehearsals (performed the days before the festival) which will give birth to a site-specific performance with the main European players of the experimental contemporary scene.

Ruggero Pietromarchi (Terraforma) + Donato Epiro (Canti Magnetici / 0riente).


Canti Magnetici 24-25-26-27-28 April 2018

A serie of 5 concerts all around Italy with CM artists:

Napoli, Milano, Brescia, Treviso, Bologna.

With: Donato Epiro, Gaspare Sammartano, Renato Grieco, Ottaven, Interlingua, Michele Mazzani, Dominique Vaccaro, Massimo Carozzi, Interlingua.

THE ITALIAN NEW WAVE Second Annual Summit, 2017. Reggia di Venaria, Turin


9th FKL Symposioum 2019 - Soundscapes of work and of play, San Cesario. "Reunion" by John Cage performed with the chess players of the Accademia Salentina degli Scacchi di Pisignano.

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